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Chesapeake Calligraphy Guild or guild in Baltimore


Elissa K.:
I see a vague reference to the Chesapeake Calligraphy Guild online, but there is no website.  Is that guild still active?  Is there a guild in Baltimore?  Thanks!

Erica McPhee:
It looks like they donít have a website. Two different addresses listed for them:

Chesapeake Calligraphy Guild
PO Box 1320, Columbia, MD 21044


Chesapeake Calligraphy Guild
8861 Blue Sea Drive, Columbia, MD 21046-1413

Maybe sent a note to both and see if you get a response? Or hopefully someone in that area is on the forum.

Have you tried Washington Calligrapher's Guild?

I donít know about a guild, but there are a few calligraphy seminars at the Baltimore Pen Show this weekend.
March 11-13 at the Airport Marriott


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