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Flourishers - the Inktober 2022 prompt list dropped today.  Who will step up for Flourish Forum's second annual go at Inktober?

Some of you may remember last year's festivities.  @AnasaziWrites and I both did every single prompt!  A few others joined in for a few prompts/days here and there as well, including Her Leastest Highness of the Flourishers, @Erica McPhee

It was exhilarating!  You can visit what we did:

It would be a great place to practice Italics, @Lyric
It would be a great place to practice those beautiful decorated versals with a short text, @Lucie Y
How about join us this year to practice your Spencerian? since you followed along last year, and were so generous in your encouragement for us, @Zivio

Here's what it's all about:
In short....
1. Starting on 1 October, ink something (you can use your preferred calligraphic style, or a mix of whatever moves you).  I'll probably also do an ink drawing for every prompt (since Inktober started out in the drawing & graphics world)
2. Post it in this thread so we can admire (one of the most fun things about Inktober is seeing the different interpretations of the prompts)
3. Repeat until the end of the month or as often/seldom as you like.  It's not like there are Inktober police who will come and admonish you for doing Inktober "wrong"  ;)

--yours truly, K

Erica McPhee:
Oh this looks fun! Some great words. I’m going to do my best to try to participate.  :-*

Lucie Y:
OMG yes! I'm looking forward!
Thank you for the prompt :)
Looking forward very, very much!

I may switch to uncial.   Our friend here, Jean Wilson, stated it might be easier for me to pick up.

I think I’ll try to participate! Just refreshed my memory about how to post photos…
Now I just need the motivation and discipline to do at least some days.
Looking forward to seeing other participants’ work.


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