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Mark T:

Not the type of customs such as the 'custom of rubbing noses' by way of greetings like Maoris do in New Zealand.
Customs as in, 'Customs and Excise'.
Somebody very kindly introduced me to 'John Neal Books'. I spent hours just browsing, and then it happened.
'OOOOOOO, that is so much cheaper than in the UK. I have to have that (Walnut Crystals).'
'OOOOOOO, those nibs are so much cheaper than the UK. I have to have 5 of each of them.'
'OOOOOOO, McAffreys Ink. Look how cheap that is compared to the UK.'
Eventually, I decided to stop. $249.00 and I'm thinking I have a bargain.
So, I happily paid on 30th August 23 and waited to see where the box of goodies were by way of tracker,....
a couple of days in Nashville, then to Palm Beach for a day, Fort Lauderdale then Atlanta before arriving in the UK on the 5th September. Great. I should get it in a couple of days. Nope. Not happening. The parcel has been sat at a depot here in the UK and today, the postman, bless his cotton socks, posted a card through the letterbox informing me that I have to pay 'Customs and Excise' 50.08 for the parcel to be delivered.
$311.00 in total. I don't have the heart to go looking for the same items here in the UK to total up to see how much/if indeed I did/have saved money.
When I was reading what can be charged for and what constitutes C&E, I gave up in the end what with the conniving British government squeezing every last penny out of the guts of everything. Bah,... humbug.;D I wont get caught out again. I'll find a wooden-legged pirate willing to smuggle in an opaque and straight dip pens for me at a cost of a handful of seed for his parrot.
Gripe over!
 ;D :P


Ouch! So sorry! I hope you do find that you've saved some money after all.

Erica McPhee:
Oh my word. That stinks! They always get theirs.  :'(

Mark T:
I've climbed out of the pram that I threw my toys out of and aimed at the tax man. ;D ;DIf the goods I brought into the UK were clothes or electrical goods, I could understand paying tax, but everything was educational. My education I know, but educational items all the same. :P
Anyway, the parcel will be here Saturday and I'll be writting/practising real hard within 10 minutes of it arriving. My wife, bless her, has been given strict instructions to not disturb, but seeings as she's the boss, I'm not holding out much hope of that happening.
Laying here waiting I can promise is not fun, and it isn't the easiest way to write/practise, but I'm so looking forward to mixing Walnut crystals and trying out my new posh 'straight' nibholder, and 'oblique' nibholder.
Today, tomorrow and Friday I intend to draw lots of pads of paper with 55 degree lines and hopefully my order of HP 32lb and tracing paper will be here so as I can draw up lots of guidelines.
The last time I was this excited, I was waiting to collect my puppy dog, and that was 26 years ago.
Roll on Saturday.


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