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Mark T:
Below, believe it or not, is the name of an actual train station in Wales (UK).
It does look like somebody has played 'Scrabble' and randomly thrown the letters onto the table, or emptied a tin of alphabetic spaghetti onto a plate from height. ;D

The link is that of a TV weatherman speaking/giving the correct pronunciation of the word.
Us English actually say that it is the Welsh calling their girlfriends in from the fields (sheep).
It is age old banter due to sheep outnumbering the ladies going back a century or two in Wales, and also mention of the use of welly boots (wellington field boots) is also used in the banter as well, but you would have to be on a real good footing (no pun intended) with whoever is on the recieving end of the banter.
It is said, accepted and retaliated by the Welsh men and taken in very good spirits.

Erica McPhee:
Wow! Love that! The story reminds me of The Banshees of Inershirin. Such interesting humour! Also, reminds me of Swedish … how do they say all those long words - or spell them?!

This is the longest Swedish word:


131 letters! It means:

North-west-sea-coast-artillery-flight-surveillance-simulator-construction-material-maintenance-follow-up-system-preparation-work.  ;D

Mark T:
I started to read that Swedish word and by the time I had finished, my wife had cooked a roast dinner and baked an apple pie - and that includes her going 'scrumping' for the apples. Oooops - I mean 'Foraging' for apples. ;D

Erica McPhee:
LOLOLOL! I literally laughed out loud!  ;D

Ken Fraser:
Here's my version. I wrote this out years ago, and I've no idea why!  I had to search deep in my files to find it back in the 1970s.
I'd have been quicker writing it out again!


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