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Tools & Supplies / How long do you use a nib?
« on: September 22, 2015, 11:37:52 AM »
I am wondering, how long do you use a nib until you replace a new one? I found my nib gets scratchy very fast. My Brausse 66 last for about 5 hours (constant writing). After that, it goes scratchy. It still writes, but I do not feel it is as smooth as when it is new. I am a sucker in maintaining a nib. Usually I just wipe it with a paper towel after writing. I know I am so bad!!! Please share how long do you use a nib and the maintenance too.

I know...the answer must be practice practice and practice. But do you have any specific drill to reduce shaky hand? I find that writing in good posture and comfortable arm position might help. And how I hate when I am doing a piece for a gift, I am sooo nervous and made silly wobbly lines. But when I am on a casually practice, my upstroke is perfect (OK, not perfect, neaaarly perfect). Gah!! Do you think writing faster will make it better? Because I see so many people could write in a snail tempo, but amazingly steady. Hm...?!

Tools & Supplies / Getting tools and supplies in Canada
« on: December 08, 2014, 01:46:00 AM »
Hi everyone,

I have a question where to get tools and supplies in Canada? I have made a purchase last month from PIA and got it shipped to Canada. The shipping fee is quite reasonable, but the tax made me cringe so bad. Learning from the experience, shopping from US online store and got it shipped to Canada is a bad idea!!

I have relatives that live in Canada that traveled occasionally to Indonesia. If I can order the supplies from the stores that are based in Canada, logically it would be much affordable, right? Or it does not have much different in the prices because they have to pay taxes as well?


Kind Critique / Here is my practice sheet after 5 months
« on: October 01, 2014, 12:41:36 PM »
Hi everyone,

Here is my practice sheet. I have been working on letter form. This is a 6mm practice sheet. Can you please point out what I have done correctly and incorrectly? I think I am struggling with letters with ascending and descending stroke. Can anybody gives some advice on that? And advice for shaking upperstroke as well. Thanks!!

Tools & Supplies / What is vintage nib?
« on: September 18, 2014, 11:38:07 AM »
I am wondering what is vintage nib? I thought that vintage nibs are all the nibs without coat on top of them. So it looks rusty. But I guess my definition is not correct? And if it is true, do we have to prep the nib too if it is a new vintage nib?


Tools & Supplies / What should I get?
« on: August 31, 2014, 11:50:29 PM »
Hi everyone,

I would like to ask as much advice as I can. A friend of mine will travel from US to Indonesia in October and I think she can carry some tools and supplies for me. Yay!! But not much of course because I don't want to burden her with my huge package. So, I would like to order tools and supplies from PIA and John Neal.

Can anybody give me what I should get? I will list down holder, nibs, and inks that I have so you will know what I should get for myself. No book and pad because I know it takes too much space of the baggage.

I have:
1. 2 straight holders and 1 oblique holder from speedball
2. G nibs from tachikawa and Nikko
3. Saji and maru nib from Tachikawa
4. Ink: Daiso sumi ink, winston & newton black ink, Bombay in black and white, Calli in brown.

I just learned calligraphy for 3 months. So I am not a complete beginner, and definitely not a master! But would love to get the supplies that will help me in my journey.

I appreciate all feedbacks. Terima kasih ( thank you!)


Coffee & Nib-bles / I am absolutely crazy and out of my mind.
« on: August 30, 2014, 01:26:32 AM »
I want to share this news to you and badly in need for moral support! Some tips and advice will be much appreciated.

So, I was approached by a group of workshop organizer to teach basic calligraphy. I almost turned down the project, but after discussing with a dear friend and contemplating it, I accepted it. (I have turned down another offer before this one). The workshop will be held on October 11.

I am such a newbie. My letter forms are not there yet, how on earth will I teach the workshop!! I asked myself, what is the purpose of teaching calligraphy? I am a very goal oriented person. I always aim for a good cause if I am working on something. Then I found the answer. My goal is to introduce calligraphy to other people. As simple as that. I will share to them what I have learned in these few months. It is not much I know. I am FAR from a master or an expert. I am a calligraphy enthusiast.

Hoping that in this workshop, we can find talents that may proceed in learning calligraphy. In the long run, I hope calligraphy community will grow larger in Indonesia. If the community is large enough, maybe we can invite one of you to teach in Indonesia! :D

I am not sure about the payment. As I will do it for free if I am able to, but well...I have to spend some time to prepare the starter kit and also budget on transportation.

I really need some guidance from all of you. I have no sources other than Erica's tutorial. And I am aware that it is not ethical to teach from other people's material. Hm.. I will prepare my own worksheet. I will stress more on letter form of course because I truly believe a good letter form is very important before you go on modern calligraphy. But in the end of workshop, I will let them to write anything like quotes or verses. So they will feel encouraged that they can produce something.

This is such a long post! I could not sleep last night, a hundred..thousand ideas came into my mind. Thank you Flourish Forum community for being so kind and supportive towards me. I am forever feeling grateful for that.


Open Flourish | General Discussion / Arm movement and any other movement
« on: August 22, 2014, 07:19:29 PM »
Hi every one,

I was wondering when do you use certain movement when you write. I have read there is arm movement, off hand, wrist movement? What to use when you do miniscule, majuscule, flourishing, and etc?

Thank you. Have a nice weekend!


Tools & Supplies / Does every nib has its own characteristic?
« on: July 26, 2014, 11:58:56 AM »
I have 3 nibs and all of them are Tachikawa brand which are G pen, saji pen and maru pen. I started learning copperplate using G pen and when I switched it to saji pen, seems like it produced different shape. The shade is thinner. The way I wrote (pressure and release) also felt different. Saji nib is stiffer than G pen.

When I wrote with maru pen, the pen kept snugging the paper during the upstroke. Very frustrating.

My question are, does every nib write it different way? Do we have to adjust to every single nib? Please elaborate more for any brand of nibs because I might purchase another nib such as Nikko G, Hiro, Brausse, etc.

Kind Critique / worksheet #1
« on: July 21, 2014, 11:17:34 AM »
Hello everyone,

Here is my 2nd practice of the worksheet #1. I am a newbie and just started about a month. Please give me any critique. How is my progress and what do I need to improve?


Cheers from Indonesia,

Coffee & Nib-bles / How long do you spend writing?
« on: July 15, 2014, 11:10:38 AM »
How many hours do you spen writing or practicing calligraphy?

I can get lost and practiced for 3 hours. It is a good thing, but I started at 10 am, meaning I finished at around 12 am. Not good at all.

Introductions / Halo dari Indonesia / Hi from Indonesia
« on: July 14, 2014, 03:30:16 AM »
I am Ernie Tan from Indonesia. I live in the capital city of Indonesia which is Jakarta.

I have been a typography enthusiast and when I found there is another way to write, I was very excited to try. I was a bit hesitant to try because I was not sure if I will be a calligraphy fan or wanted to really do it by myself. After following some calligraphers in Instagram, I was confident to buy a starter kit.

I just started my calligraphy journey about 3 weeks ago after I purchased a holder and few nibs. Purchasing calligraphy tools itself was not easy. I even posted in 'Tools & supplies' if somebody can share with me where to find them in Indonesia. Long story short, I got a pointed pen which is Tachikawa brand and 3 sizes of nibs and a black comic ink (since there is no calligraphy ink in the store). But the comic ink was a disaster. No paper can hold the feathering. I was not giving up to practice, so I used a black watercolor and diluted it with water to practice.  ;D

Then last week, I got my very first 'REAL' calligraphy ink which is Sumi ink. As you can guess how glad I was finding it.

I am very very very happy to join with all the fellow calligraphers to learn and share this journey. If you are happened to be from Indonesia, please say hi to me. I am very happy to connect to someone who is from a similar country with a similar passion.



Tools & Supplies / Tools and supplies in Indonesia
« on: April 03, 2014, 08:18:37 PM »
Hello, does anybody knows where to buy tools and supplies in Indonesia. I know that I can order online from overseas but I prefer to find it in my country first to avoid expensive shipping charges. Have tried to Google it but nothing helps.

Thank you. :)

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