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I've been doing pointed pen for about 10 days and now I'm afraid I've been doing it all wrong!  I've watched Joe Vitolo's video, and looked at Don and Ron Tate's photo and I'm still have questions.

First, do I "have" to sit square with the writing surface?  I came across this teacher who writes that it's acceptable to sit sideways as long as the torso isn't contorted.  See this post:

Second, I just realized today that I curl my hand in slightly as I write, although I think the nib axis does line up with my right shoulder.  If I don't curl my hand in a little, when I make ascenders, I have to move my whole hand up, rather than just extending my fingers with the pen.  Is that normal?  Also, if you've seen Joe's video, he has the 55 deg lines pointing to his stomach.  To get my nib to line up with the 55 deg line, I have to turn the paper so much that I'm practically writing vertically!

Third, when I'm writing, I feel like I can't see what I'm doing.  I'm on the short side, only 5'4", so I know that's part of it.  But if I'm supposed to have my whole forearm, including my elbow, on the table, as well as have the 55 deg line point to my stomach, it puts my paper so far away from me!  That sounds really stupid, doesn't it?  (maybe I need a booster seat!  lol)

I could just ask more and more questions, but I guess I really need to see a video or series of photos of someone's whole upper body as they are writing and so far I haven't found one.  If anyone can offer me any help or opinions, (or sympathy, heh) I would be so appreciative.  Today's practice session was one of those discouraging ink spattering ones.   ::)

Tools & Supplies / Need help deciding on a black ink, please
« on: April 19, 2014, 02:32:41 AM »
I'm putting in an Amazon order and need a black ink.  I've tried Moon Palace Sumi Ink and I just can't bear the odor, so thought I'd try one of these since I'm ordering some other stuff from Amazon anyway.  Are any of these worth trying?  Would love some opinions.  Or maybe something entirely different, as long as it's on Amazon, is good too!  Thanks!

Winsor Newton Drawing Ink Black Indian
Dr. Martin's Black Star India Ink Matte
Speedball India Ink Super Black

My best friend's little girl just turned 12 and I want to get her into calligraphy as a (belated!) birthday gift.  She loves arts and crafts, and her mom told me she'd love to do calligraphy.  I'm not sure what to buy though.  Do you think starting her out with a broad nib script is best?  Such as foundational?  If so, should I get actual nibs and ink, or just go with chisel tip markers?

Also, any recommendations for a good instructional book for tweens?

Thanks for any help and suggestions!

Introductions / Hello from western NY state!
« on: April 08, 2014, 01:50:51 AM »
I'm so grateful that the Lord led me to this wonderful forum!  Thank you, Erica, for creating such a warm and welcoming environment. 

I've been primarily a rubber stamper and card maker for the past 16 years and have amassed quite a collection of stamps, paper, and ink!  Through rubber stamping, I've discovered artistic talent I never knew I had.  I've learned to use watercolors, colored pencils, and my beloved Copic markers. 

I took a 6 week Foundational calligraphy course 15 years ago with a wonderful teacher, but I didn't keep it up unfortunately.  Partly because it wasn't really my style and partly because my health took a turn for the worse.  I struggle with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, which causes severe exhaustion, poor stamina, the inability to recover normally from mental or physical exertion, and affects every system of the body.  It literally took me all day to write this post because I had to take a break between almost every sentence.  Despite all this, I think I can devote 10 minutes a day to learning Copperplate and can't wait to get started on Erica's awesome tutorials.  Now and then I hope to post my progress for gentle critique.  :)

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