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The art of calligraphy- David Harris

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A comprehensive guide explaining everything you need to know to master the skills and techniques of beautiful writing.
Detailed practical instructions and easy-to-follow examples.

After long waiting, It has finally arrived and I have just fallen in love with it!

I love that too!

I learned a huge amount from that book, but I must say that its copperplate section is not at all in line with the classic Lupfer/Zanerian college exemplars that so many of us use.

Well, no - Harris draws on the English Roundhand tradition, and seems to have made an effort to present an alphabet which is optimal for writing with a pen rather than engraving.  Hence the unsquared tops and bottoms, for instance.  It's more like a late 17th / early 18th century hand, and none the worse for that in my opinion.

I saw it at the library today, it looks really great.  Let us know more as you dig in.


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