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Thanks so much, Erica!  So much I've yet to figure out, i.e.:  "stickied."  I know what a sticky post is but am not sure how to identify one here.  Ah, sill mye--the number of times something is viewed maybe.  Duh--I have to think.   :o

Erica McPhee:
Hi Debbie,
The stickied posts are shaded a color and are at the top of a board. There may be more than one sticky so it won't necessarily be the very first one. The "unstickied" posts will continue to move down unless they are responded on.  :)

Jennifer J:
Just wanted to post a new reply in case it catches the eye of someone who hasn't seen this! For some reason I have overlooked it in the tutorial area and just found it  :)

Hi Erica,

That was a wonderful post on Flourishing. Very detailed. Even though i didn't understand few words as i was not familiar with the language.


Erica, thanks for sharing!
I love this one by Denis Brown -
the old saying that a calligrapher with taste is one who can flourish, but doesn't.



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