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Can't read french but interesting: Recueil Méthodique de Principes d' Ecriture

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I am not sure this belongs here, sorry if it is in the wrong place.

Being a beginner and coming from a technical background I need to wrap my head around mechanical proportions first to really understand a letterform before I can write/draw it (I know this is going to break my neck when it comes to flourishing). I have found it difficult to get a good grip on some Copperplate letters for that specific reason as most are just a sample to be copied until the desired look is achieved.

However I stumbled onto this book:

Based on my limited knowledge it is a distant cursive cousin to Copperplate with an angle of just over 56 degrees but I really like how the letter proportions are shown. Too bad it is all in French which I can only read about 0% of.

Is there a Copperplate resource that has similar proportion diagrams?


Thanks for sharing this link!  A nice reference!   (I speak French, and everything here is presented visually so no real need for reading the text)

--- Quote from: Scap on February 03, 2016, 01:41:25 PM ---Is there a Copperplate resource that has similar proportion diagrams?

--- End quote ---
I've never seen a copperplate one like this, and I'm looking forward to any positive replies from anyone out there.

Yes, I've often wondered why other books don't set things out in as lucid a fashion as the Receuil Methodique.

If you have a technical turn of mind, you might find Foster's Practical Penmanship useful, although the nitty gritty is in the text.  You'll find plenty of angles, ratios and proportions anyway.  I also think that as copperplate exemplars go, it's an elegant one.

this is excellent instruction and's what i used and continue to use to study from.  Dr. Joe Vitolo told me it's pretty much like the French version of the Zanerian Manual.  Considering it's free, take advantage of it and STUDY it, the shapes it diagrams are excellent and will give you a solid foundation to your calligraphy journey.  It's classic, elegant, and beautiful, something I strive for in my own style and I constantly refer back to this, to clean up my script and gain inspiration.


However I stumbled onto this book:


Wow!!! What an AMAZING SITE!! So Many Penmanship Books!! Glorious!! If Only there were 35 hours in the day!!!


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