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Decorated Lettering - by Jan Pickett


Decorated Lettering - by Jan Pickett
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I have been having the most fun working through this book. It has been giving me a wealth of great ideas for my art journal devoted to lettering. The pictures are gorgeous and fun.

I think the opening info on the basics is detailed enough to get a beginner started. Then there is specific instruction on both calligraphy and freestyle lettering. One chapter gives instruction/ductuses for calligraphic hands (Foundational, Roman caps, Uncials, Gothic, Italic, and Neuland). The next chapter delves into producing hand lettering, from more traditional letters like Versals to more free-style letters.

The next eleven chapters are devoted to how to further enliven your letters with embellishments ranging from watercolor to pastels to gold. It gives other ideas about playing with medium and material, including embossing, stamping, and using masking fluid. All the techniques and materials are pretty accessible.

The clear instructions make me feel I can try any and all of these fun and exciting techniques. It also encourages the reader to experiment and try one's own variations. Following the book's instruction boosts confidence to go on and try your own thing.

Erica McPhee:
Thank you for sharing! This has been sitting in my shopping cart all week!  ;D

I, too, just bought this book two weeks ago, and have been engaged with it every day.  LOTS of good, specific ideas, techniques, and directions!  One of my favorites is her use of pastels.  I have recently discovered PanPastels, and they work great, with less mess.

Erica McPhee:
I received it and love it! So many good ideas and techniques!


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