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I am not Armenian, but I married into the clan.

If there's one civilization that has revered it's alphabet, it's the Armenians. The alphabet is a symbol of national identity. You find it engraved on jewelry along with the Armenian cross as the major symbols of the Armenian people.

I found a wonderful site that presents Armenian calligraphy, it's history, tools, variations etc... Quite a lovely site. It is also replete with beautiful examples and videos of how to write specific letters.


Wonderful.  Thank you Andrew.

Erica McPhee:
Calligraphy is beautiful in every language. I like the piece that shows the circles within - similar to our ovals. Thanks for sharing.  :)

Myles Ink Calligraphy:
They're such unique letterforms that deserves recognition. Thanks for sharing with us Andrew.

Simone Lettering:
How beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing  :D


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