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Erica McPhee:
This is the most fun I have had in awhile. It's a game where you try your hand at kerning (letter spacing) and then it compares it to how a typographer would do it. I scored 92 out of 100 (the first few tripped me up until I got the hang of it). Very fun!


This was a fun way to break the morning routine  ;). I got 90. A very cool way to show how important spacing is and a great way to try your hand at it.

This would be a great little teaching sideline in a typing class. I took typing as a junior in high school in 1973. We had IBM Selectric typewriters at school and I had a manual Olivetti typewriter at home. The Olivetti took the dual color ribbon (black and red inked) and of course the keys were not always well aligned (used more than a few of the old white paper correction strips).

Thanks Erica for the fun and for triggering a fond memory  :)

Hehe, that was fun! I also scored 90. The first one was the worst, also the most debatable imho ;) I only scored like 59 there.

90.  :)

Simone Lettering:
And I scored 90 too  :D
The first one was my lowest score as well @Estefa

Thanks for sharing Erica @Erica McPhee
This was a fun little thing to do!


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