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Fraktur mon Amour (Blackletter Scripts)

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Ken Fraser:
As we all know, there are more variations to Blackletter script than to any other letter form. In fact there are hundreds of variants, a fact bourne out by this incredible collection. This is not a book of calligraphic writing, but of many great variations in the form of fonts. As most of these styles were originally written by hand before conversion into fonts, with occasional modification they lend themselves to easy transference back to hand lettering.

"Fraktur mon Amour" by Judith Schalansky published c 2008 by Princeton Architectural Press, New York.
is 125mm x 200mm ;  730 pages long with hundreds of clearly-printed blackletter fonts comprising ; Rotunda and Bastarda, Textura, Schwabacher, Fraktur, Decorative and Initials, Modern, Contemporary and Display.

So, this isn't a how-to-do-it book but a wonderful resource for study and copying for those of us who are fascinated by the extraordinary and diverse world of blackletter scripts. Thoroughly recommended.

i loved that book.  it came with a CD full of fonts. just wonderful!

Ken Fraser:

--- Quote from: InkyFingers on June 21, 2017, 02:13:34 AM ---i loved that book.  it came with a CD full of fonts. just wonderful!

--- End quote ---

I forgot about the CD!

Scarlet Blue:
Sadly, I don't have the CD, but I love the book!

Me too.  :)


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