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New Penpal - Australian In Singapore



I have been doing Calligraphy for just over a year.. my new circumstances mean I cannot work so I have lots of extra time to pursue penmanship which is great.  I have done workshops in Copperplate and Spencerian In Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia - have 2 pens from Sliding Pens (IG) and would like to continue my collection.   I am now at a stage where I am happy to share my writing but know I have so much further to go and much to learn. I also have an interest in watercolour and am booked in for workshops this year. I would also like to learn Illuminated Letters at some point too... so much to learn :-)

I am 42, from Australia but living in Singapore due to husbands work.

Would love to have a penpal to practice and share - anywhere in the world!

Many thanks


Ciao Emma,
I am sending my address via PM
Keep in touch


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