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How to Match your Paper Color to anything else.

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--- Quote from: JanisTX on September 15, 2020, 08:29:58 PM ---@AnasaziWrites Iíve been struggling with this, Mike!  Iím using Burgundy ink on a cream picture frame mat. When I do it as you have suggested, the cream color ďfadesĒ the burgundy ink, so that it is no longer burgundy. Iím trying to think of a work-around!  And, you are correct that doing the colored paper first does cause feathering! 


--- End quote ---
Is the burgundy ink waterproof/permanent? If not, the cream colored ink may be mixing with it. In any case, I would think any ink color except black would be changed by applying a colored ink over it. You might try darkening your burgundy ink so that it "fades" to the color you want. It would take a little experimentation. You could also just use black ink instead of burgundy.

@AnasaziWrites Thanks, Mike!  I ended up ordering cream colored paper (6 different types) online & found one that matches the cream of the mat & it is working just fine.  I appreciate your help, Mike!



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