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What a wonderful first exchange!

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This is the first time Iíve posted and the first time Iíve participated in an exchange. Thank you so much to Erica for organising.

Iíve just picked up from my doormat (on a very miserable rainy day in London) my first exchange envelope. Wow! Iím blown away by the quality and by the thoughtfulness. Itís a really wonderful thing that a complete stranger from across the world has taken the time and trouble to send me such a thing of beauty.

Iíd like the contact the person who sent it via this board to thank them if possible but a search of members doesnít bring them up by name so Iím hoping that Nicole in Austin Texas will know who she is and know how much I appreciate her artistry and kindness.

Much love from London, UK!


Erica McPhee:
Hi Laura,
What a wonderful first post. If you look on your list, the personís Flourish Forum username is at the top of their address. You can use this to send a direct message on the forum to thank them if youíd like.

Hope you will receive mine soon!  ;D

I was about to say the same thing as Erica--I have a hunch that I know which Nicole in Austin it was ( @nicole.t ) since she and I are penpals, and her calligraphy is exceptional.  Hopefully this will allow you two to connect!


Yíall are making me blush! Iím glad you enjoyed the card, Laura and the note you left in my messages made my day!

Iíve been working hard to improve my letter forms so all of your compliments are very encouraging :)


Thanks everyone for explaining how I can work out who is who. Iíve already signed up for my next exchange - canít wait! And Erica, Iím very honoured to have been matched with you in my first exchange. Itís like calligraphy royalty...


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