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Height of d, t, and p


Erica McPhee:
Remember that as you study Engrosser’s Script (Copperplate), you will see a wide variance in the height of ascenders, sometimes even from the same penman. While there are “rules” per se, personal preference plays a large part. In the samples below, I demonstrate these variances. The guidelines I have created indicate the d, t, and p are all at the same height. This is both based on exemplars from old texts as well as creating a simple starting point for beginners. It is not set in stone so please adjust according to your preference.

Cyril Jayant:
Wow. this is good guide line and this is something I am still struggling with regards to Copperplate/ English Roundhand and spencerian.
I am doing my drills with cheap A4 ruled books and most of the time I am using a pencil and then switch into a pointed pens and Walnut ink. I have never bothered about guide lines so far but I feel I  always hesitate to do or use a guide line sheet so I see my writing are inconsistent  and missing these rules or guide lines as above. I have already bought some tools and planing to getting into the guide lines seriously. So I am glad I found this thread in time and thank you Erica for your share.


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