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DAY 28 - 2022: CAMPING

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--- Quote from: InkyFingers on October 29, 2022, 01:14:30 AM ---My wife's idea of

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A bit toasty in the seummer, I would guess.

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My idea of

when we were in Alaska
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looks comfy, if one can sleep sitting up. Plus, free insect eats.

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Nice Cunningham.

lol! @AnasaziWrites - it's true that like a small child, I have busted into the Inkvent inks.  Which are beautiful!  And some of them this year are scented! (oops, that was a spoiler, but not a very big one)  :-X

Friends, my beloved spouse actually caught me opening up the whole box (not just the little doors; I mean I had just finished spatchcocking the thing), lifted an eyebrow and said - "Oh, I see you did not bother waiting for me to order them this year.  And I see we are dispensing with the charade of opening them one at a time, as if you cared about Advent.  I suppose as you are not that sort of Christian, it's allowable."  This is my soul-mate.  My sun and moon.  The person I hid the mite-infested turkey quills from (previously:

But the ink I used for the "Camping" drawing is from one of my favorite brands - Sailor - from their Shikiori (four seasons) line.  It's called "Tokiwa matsu" (evergreen pine).  I'm experimenting with it in preparation for a wedding commission I have due in February (they want a framable, illuminated / decorated presentation of their vows).

Erica McPhee:
LOL! Your spouse is onto you!  ;D. How did I miss the mite story?! Read 1,227 times!   ;D

I hope you can share some images of your wedding commission when itís done. Sounds beautiful!

@Zivio Great place to camp!  Always something to nourish the mind and body.
@AnasaziWrites Thanks!  Madarasz is crazy with these extra large shades!  ;D
& @Erica McPhee I think I was misunderstood, kind of serendipity.  I took that picture while on camp in Alaska.  Beautiful country!
I only meant, simple things will do, nothing extravagant.  Now I noticed, a small outlet in between the tree's roots.   ;D


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