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Asymmetrical center-balanced


I wanted to challenge myself with a asymmetrical center balanced layout, since it seems intimidating. This is my 2nd iteration.
I would appreciate any ideas on the layout choices.

Erica McPhee:
Excellent as always @Ken Fraser ! A great challenge. Well done keeping the asymmetrical lines balanced.

For those new to this type of layout, itís challenging because you donít want to leave too much white space around the lines and how you break the lines will change how the verse reads (and even its meaning).

I hope you donít mind, is easier for me to show (my suggestion) rather than try to describe it. For the one word with bold contrast, I would consider making that a touch bigger so the contrast is more apparently intentional. I tried a version where more than one word is bold which I think adds more contrast, helps break up the lines, and adds some visual interest. (But of course, will place emphasis on those words.)

I like to try to keep the first sentence slightly to the left of center and the final one slightly to the right. This follows the natural entrance and exit as we read. But it may work just as well to not do that and is only my preference.  :-*

Such a good exercise. Thanks for sharing with us Ken!

Ken Fraser:
Not me, I'm afraid. It was written by a member called Brose.


Erica McPhee:
Oh my goodness! Well, there you go! Quite an impressive feat @brose if I confused your work for our master calligrapher @Ken Fraser ! Please forgive me!  :)


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