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So my work in traditional calligraphy has stopped completely  :'( And I need another source of income really soon. I can still do traditional art such as charcoal portraits. But there's not much call for that unfortunately.

My husband surprised me with a Wacom Intuos tablet and is encouraging me to try my hand and digital art. I've played with the tablet a bit but I don't see how I can do spencerian with it. But I think that's why I only see modern calligraphy done with tablets. I don't mind doing that and I know the style very well. My question is, what kind of work should I look into that's digital? I know I want to do great artwork, but is there really a call for digital calligraphy?

Hi Racheal,

Yes I think there is certainly a call for digital calligraphy. I gain quite a few clients through my Instagram account @lettersbylayla where I use my iPad Pro to create digital calligraphy. I think digital calligraphy is a niche market and there is more scope for digital lettering. But give it a go! And post some of your work on here, I would love to see it.

Layla x


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