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Hello ~

Can anyone tell me why after I scan my lettering at 1600 and I try to reduce in Photoshop it gets pixelated?  I thought that only happened with enlarging.  I'm trying to make my lettering fit into the Instagram icon.  They want it to be 180 pixels by 180 pixels.

I tried copy, pasting and then transforming the lettering into the 180 square pixel box, but that's when it gets pixelated.  ??

Thank you ~

Did you watch the icon in Photoshop at 100%? Because if you look at it enlarged on a big screen, of course it looks blurry. There isn't much information to fit in a 180 to 180 pixel pic. I find that reducing lettering so much usually doesn't work very well, because you loose so much data. Try designing for such a small space a simple letter or a monogram works better than a complex page 😉.

Thank you for responding Estefa.  That could be it, it may look fine once it's just in the small icon or I should just do something simpler.  When I Emailed it to myself at a "regular" size I could still see pixels, but that's still bigger than that tiny icon.  Or, like you say, it's just losing too much data that small.  Good to know that's just how it is.  Thank you ~


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