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Erica McPhee:
I've had a blog for years. But somehow I fell asleep at the wheel when all the good blogging stuff was getting going. So now I am still trying to catch up. I absolutely love blogs but I do feel sometimes it's still in a vacuum. I can go from blog to blog of my favorites and see what they have been up to and post a comment but it's not a give and take. And it's been hard to keep up with all my favorites.

A website is a must these days and I also did web design for several years. I started using WordPress when you still had to do all the coding! Now it is sooo easy!

Have a question? Need advice or a second pair of eyes ... post away!

I am new to blogs. Thanks for helping with my questions. Is the Forum a blog or web site?

My web site is there,, but it is so stiff and basic. All I could do with a Godaddy template. Would love some suggestions or tips on easy tools.

Can you use Illustrator and convert to HTML?
Is word press easy to use?

All of this information is so exciting, what a great service to the art community.

Mary Lou

Erica McPhee:
Hi Mary Lou,
This is a website but it's a certain kind (forum). So it has to use a particular online table software.

I have gone all WordPress for my sites. I have several plus I do our guild's site. I personally think WordPress (or Joomla) is the way to go. Once you get the hang of it, WordPress is really easy to use and sooo versatile.

Previously websites were created using HTML. I used Dreamweaver and Photoshop to create my old sites. But WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) and it is so much easier to use and flows much better.

Now, with WordPress, many people have their blog and website all in one. So the Flourish Forum actually starts as a blog/website on the homepage. Then the Forum link is the "forum" portion.

I took a fabulous online class called The Blog Class by Jones Design Company. I knew a lot of what the class taught but the class was definitely worth it. She lays everything out start to finish all in one place. I can't recommend it enough. I am so happy I signed up for it.

Thanks so much for the tip on Blog Class. Will check it out. Seems Wordpress is the way to go.

Do you have any recommendations regarding a host?

We have a personal website for ages (let me see... 12 years?!?! really?!?) and for this one I still fiddle with coding it myself, just for fun ;)
I also had a site for my tea business, also did the programming myself, but it was a very simple design adn I nly wanted and easy shopping cart (which I did with paypal)

But now I like to have a website with wordpress (as my blog is on wp and I like to incorporate it into the new page) and I'd like the option to include a shop later (for hopefully offering lettering and calligraphy services and such :D)

OK - enough questions, I think. Thanks so much in advance!


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