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Tools & Supplies / How to thicken sumi ink?
« on: December 13, 2017, 04:01:52 PM »
Hi All! I am a newbie calligrapher and I started with Yasutomo KY Series Sumi Ink. Which at the time seemed great especially paired with my Nikko G nib. When I started my wedding invitations I switched to the Dr. Martin's, Copperplate Gold and the Brause EF66 Nib. When I use the black sumi ink now i just don't like how thin it is. Or how it works with the Brause nib. It pools and I have to dip very often.

How can I thicken the sumi ink that I have, gum arabic?

What black inks do you recommend for me to buy in the future.

Thank you!

Introductions / Hello from New Jersey!
« on: December 13, 2017, 10:28:13 AM »
Hi All, I'm Jenafer. I have been wanting to learn calligraphy for about 15 years after multiple frustrating attempts I realized I had the wrong supplies. About 6 months ago I invested in an online Calligraphy course from The Postman's Knock and bought her suggested supplies and it was like magic in front of my eyes, it all came together and in just a few weeks I started to write beautiful calligraphy and I am hooked and in LOVE with this beautiful art form! My inspiration to learn this time was to do my wedding invitations which I am so pleased with. I can't wait to continue to learn and grow and create envelopes and invitations for others.

This forum has been so helpful already and I can't wait to share ideas!

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