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nib snagging on paper

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I am a major newbie here and I have been starting with the tutorials on this forum. I seem to have a lot of trouble with the nib snagging on the paper (and sometimes splattering ink around in the process!).  Just wondering if this is more a matter of my inexperience that will improve in time, or is it more my choice of nib/paper?

Erica McPhee:

It  can be any number of factors. First, make sure you have prepared your nib properly as I demonstrated in the tutorial here: This can make a difference. Also, check your nib tines and be sure they are even and not bent.

Second, nibs will start to skip and splatter when they are worn out. So if you have been using your nib for some time, it could be time to move on to the next one. I find nibs have a sweet spot, meaning they take a bit to warm up and go smoothly, then they sail across the page, then when they are wearing out they start to skip again.

Third, make sure your paper isn't too porous or textured.

Fourth, vary your pressure to see if you are pressing too hard (or too soft).

Lastly, make sure you are going in the right direction. If you look at the worksheets, there are little arrows and numbers to show the proper direction. The nib will fight back if you are going in the wrong direction.

I hope others will chime in with their tips, too!  :D

Erica McPhee:
Almost forgot -- sadly, some nibs are duds right out of the box/bag. So no matter what you do, they won't write well. This doesn't happen often but I find when it does, it is usually several in the batch. I gave up on EF 66s once because of a bad batch.  :o

Thanks Erica! I guess I am finding it happening mostly on the thin up strokes. I will take a closer look at the paper/nibs to see if I can figure this out. Thanks so much for all your suggestions. :-)

Erica McPhee:
Yes, the trickiest part (those upstrokes)!  :D


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