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Merry Christmas Greeting!


Erica McPhee:
I hope all those who celebrate had a wonderful, Merry Christmas today! In between wrappings and chores last night, I did this piece for today.

Erica, did you just scan that piece and post it or work some magic first in PS? As you are vowing to learn Ai this year, I vow to learn PS.

Erica McPhee:

This was scanned, then a threshold adjustment was done, then each line was made it's own layer, a colored background was added, and then the lettering was changed to white. I didn't have to do any adjustment with the lettering but I did space the lines a little better. Took about 2 hours until I was happy with the lettering and then about 10 minutes to do the PS layout, etc.

Of course, this was version 30 something! I have a little compulsion where I will just continue doing it until I get it right. Even looking at this, there are some letters I would like to do over. But I didn't have the time to continue fussing on it.

This sounds foreign to me. I need to get on that Photoshop train so I can speak the language!

Erica McPhee:
It is basically the steps I went through in the Preparing Calligraphy for Printing tutorial (which has now been read 414 times!! WOW).  ;D


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