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Playing with Monograms


Things are slowly returning to normal after a busy Christmas so I took some time to play today! I decided to work on combining calligraphy with Illustrator to create a monogram. I didn't do a lot of cleaning up of the jagged lines that get exaggerated when vectorizing an image so it still retains the hand-drawn appearance. It wasn't necessarily on purpose, I just have a hard time smoothing the edges without messing things up. I'm still a relative newbie to Illustrator.  :-[

Anyway, what makes this fun is that you can write out your letters, scan a whole page, and then pick and choose the ones you want, assemble them, rotate and/or resize and recolor them if necessary, and voila! A fun hand-drawn monogram!

Here's the full sheet I scanned:

Monogram1 by Ellen Wigginton, on Flickr

Here's the final monogram:

Monogram2 by Ellen Wigginton, on Flickr

Anyone else loving monograms?


Erica McPhee:
Very nice, Ellen. This came out lovely. My favorite color, too! I like your process. You've inspired me! I'm going to get at the Illustrator tomorrow!

This would be beautiful on so many things - stationery, towel, invitation, etc.!

I love that you are experimenting with these - it came out really good!


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