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Tie Rack = Envelope Drying Rack


Linda Y.:
Wanted to share a little useful tip with everyone. I'm always looking for racks to dry envelopes with when I'm addressing envelopes and was not super-happy with the rack I've been using (it's a vintage toast rack) because it only holds 4 pieces of toast *LOL*

So this past summer, I was at the local Goodwill when I saw this:

It's made of oak and very heavy - and holds 17 envelopes at once! I posted a pic on IG today and Ellen suggested that it may be a tie rack, and I think it is indeed. It was no more than $5 and works really well!

I have seen other folks use CD/DVD/VHS towers or racks and they work really well too. I like the tie rack because it doesn't take up too much space.

Erica McPhee:


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