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FrenchBlue Joy:
Hello all!

I'm procrastinating about starting on some lettering work for today, and I've been thinking about calligraphy inspiration!  More interesting stuff than a stack of envelopes to address, black on white... ;)  So anyway, here are a few of the inspirations dancing in my head today:

1) I'm absolutely obsessed by the work of Italian calligrapher Barbara Calzolari.  Does anybody here know her personally?  I dropped her an email at her website,, just to tell her how much I admire her!  She has serious chops-- EVERYTHING she does, from very classic to-die-for Spencerian, to gestural, folded-pen sort of stuff...   Pure beauty.  Here's her flickr stream:[email protected]/

2) Flipping through the pages of Molly Suber Thorpe's sweet "Modern Calligraphy".  So many adorable projects!  I love her TS Eliot "Coffee Spoons" written in the round, in coffee!  I think it was on her Instagram feed that I saw another quote she'd written in beet juice!  I'm going to try a little writing in masking fluid one of these days, like she's done on her place cards. Here's her website:

3) Open Ink Stand's Schin Loong.  This girl is truly gifted with the pointed pen.  She's also an amazing fantasy artist.  Something else I really appreciate about her blog-- she can get a little saucy!   ;D  I can sometimes get a little bored by the sea of inspirational quotes that one sees when flipping through Calligraphy collections on pinterest, or blogs.  Schin mixes up love poetry with Led Zeppelin lyrics, and Shakespeare and Browning with something like this!!  I've re-pinned it to my own Tumblr blog.   ;)

Ok, I'm getting to work now.  :-)

Hi Joy. Barbara has been a member of Iampeth for many years now and has taught at some of the annual conventions. She won't be attending this year but she will be teaching at the Dallas conference this summer. She has taught in the US and I'm sure she will be in the future. She is on Facebook and usually keeps her teaching information up to date there. Harvest

FrenchBlue Joy:
Hi Harvest!

Thank you!  I'm following her, but haven't seen anything so far for classes.  I will keep my eyes peeled. 

Are you offering your Roundhand class again anytime soon?  I've been recommending it to everybody! 

Have a lovely week teaching the Sisters!

Thanks for asking about Harvest's classes, Joy. I'm hoping she does something a newbie like me can take! It's just killing me she's right down the road from me....


Erica McPhee:
Ooh - such fun things to check out! Joy - your spencerian is GORGEOUS! Barbara is my new favorite calligrapher! I've been admiring coveting stalking her work on Pinterest.


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