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Great old posts to read! Don't miss threads for beginners and new forum members!

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Hi All,
I was reading up on some old posts in the tools section and remembered something that Ken Fraser said.  He said that there should be a resurrection of older posts for mew people joining the forum.  Calligraphy is a field where much of the information remains constant and is applicable irrespective how old it is.

So I thought I would make a list of the posts that really interested me over the last year.  There has been a lot of searching by me to get some snippet of information I wanted from older threads and I hope this will help the new and old members a little.

Some of the posts have input from me, but most of them are from the fabulous people on this forum.  All credit to them for making this information available and I hope they donít mind me collating it. :)

Here goes

Stuff on writing
My all time favourite post of exemplars.  Totally mind blowing.  Had to make this my first
My Exemplars by Ken Fraser

Offhand flourishing exchange results   For some drooling and feeling minuscule] :)

Exemplars (Copperplate) from Business educator - grouped beautifully

Are my down strokes too thick
Great stuff on letter sizing and guidelines.  (this is the guidelines that I use and find great for beginners)

Then and now  An inspiration for us beginners.  Even the pros wrote just like us once :)

How to mail letters Internationally   Points to remember when writing international addresses

Stuff on Ink
Making your own Walnut ink

Making your own INk- Iron gall and others

Stuff on Paper
This is a long thread on everyones favourite practice paper.  A good place to start to see what paper suits which writing.....
Favourite practice Paper

Holders, Flanges and general drool-worthy stuff

First the holders,
For the master, Chris Yoke, check out his website

From Brian of Unique-obliques - check out his instagram and glance briefly (1 or 2 secs ) at his Etsy site, before the holders magically disappear in a puff of smoke.

My hand made Obliques - Heebs

The early works of one Ash-bush :)    Great piece in it by Chris on holder sizing

You have to check out their instagram sites to see the magic they are creating now :)

This one is from another website and has a lot of pages and pictures of obliques.  I could not find one on this site for Salmanís obliques so posted this link.

The works of Salman among others

Insanely amazing carved holders of Salman from his website

What happens when Brian and Schin get together

Collection of Vintage Holders

Double sided holders, oblique for writing and straight for flourishing

Sizes and styles of all production holders - Visual reference by Chris

How to hold an Oblique holder - grips

Oblique or straight? What and why of Obliques

Some stuff on adjusting/making flanges
Professional Nib flange making/Adjusting pliers   Must have to make life easy
Bullock (original) vs Modern flange 

Reference for making oblique flange

Adjusting you flange

Nice discussion on fixing flanges to holders

Now the dreaded Nib section.
Beware.. Once you read this you will go bankrupt. :)

European nibs

How to find information on nib sizes and uses

Vintage nibs

Latest nib experiences

Different site but a nice collection and information on most available Esterbrook nibs with pictures

Esterbrook project

Brand wise list of nibs with pictures
Kallipos site with nib identification pictures

This is a thread for the members, compiled by Nik.  He has a Huge collection of nibs, some for sale too.  The best part of the thread (for beginners) is the compilation of nib pictures and reviews he is working on.  Its an ongoing process, so keep checking back.
LOTS of hard work gone into it and amazing resources for someone who wants to know how a nib performs
Nik's Nibs and Things

And for a bit of fun
when you are bored or tired of Oval practice, started by the legendary Schin and contains tonnes of contributions

Pick up lines for the Calligrapher

Calligraphy RAP

This is my list as of now. There is obviously a LOT of stuff that I have missed. There may be a few more that I will add from time to time.  Huge request to all.  Please post interesting threads and links that you have on here, so that we have a nice Library of Old and new Flourish forum threads.

And now, for the beginners,  once you are armed with all of this,  GO to the pointed pen Nirvana section for Erica's tutorials
- Prasad

Thank you for doing this!

Thank you for compiling this list!

This is a great idea!!! We have so much amazing discussions buried. Here are some I find very inspiring and helpful:

1. How to mail internationally:
2. Then and now (though some of the images have disppeared!! :'():

Oh and please excuse my childishness but some of my fav topics has been the silly ones, haha!

1. The legendary rap diss thread:
2. Calligrapher pick up lines:

Erica McPhee:
Awesome! I have stickied this thread!  ;D


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