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2018 Flourish Exchange List

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Erica McPhee:

--- Quote from: Inked botanicals on January 15, 2018, 02:49:59 PM ---ohhh!! no halloween this year??  :'(

--- End quote ---

I know... I debated for a long time because it is a favorite for many but thought we would change it up for a bit.   ;)

Bianca M:
@Inked botanicals, we can send each other spooky mail (and anyone else who wants to join in an unofficial capacity).  ;)  I am a total Halloween junkie!!

That being said, I love the creative new ideas, @Erica McPhee !

Erica McPhee:
Yes! And I actually meant to say I kept the list small this year because it leaves more room for impromptu exchanges if anyone wants to organize one.  ;)

Inked botanicals:
yes!! Count on me for that unofficial spooky exchange too!  ;D

Hello Erica,
Happy 2018 !!. I hope that this one is better than the last one.
Thank you very much for organizing the exchanges one more time.
I'm very excited to take part on some of these exchanges.

Regards :)



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