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Valentine's Day - Let's Exchange

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Hi Everyone,
As Valentine's Day is my favorite holiday, I can't let it pass without sending out a few Valentine's Day cards. If you would like to exchange valentines, pm me your address (and I'll pm you mine upon receipt of your address). I'll be sending mine out the first week of February if anyone is interested.
This is not an official exchange, nor is it part of the Holi exchange. As Holi is in March this year, I just couldn't let Feb 14 come and go uncelebrated.

( @Erica McPhee Feel free to move this post elsewhere if you like. I wasn't sure where to put it)

Inked botanicals:
Count on me!! Iíll send you my address! Letís spread double love with valentines and Holi hearts!

I'm in! @Inked botanicals , shall we exchange too? :)

Inked botanicals:
Sure @Starlee !! I'll send you my address too!! and please send me yours!

Definitely count me in, too - I'll pm my address to you @AnasaziWrites. 
I will send cards to you, @Starlee and @Inked botanicals and will send you my address if you send me your addresses. 

YAY!  What fun!  I love Valentine's Day cards!  <3


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