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Erica McPhee:
This is where you can share photos of your exchange!

Hi all I've received all but 2 from my list so far (a new record for me yay!) and thought I might share what I sent with everybody here. Since a new exchange is up and running, I thought it would be safe to "attach" here without being too much of a spoiler for anyone that's still missing mine. I'm hoping everyone who participated will post a pic or three. So far, List 2 has had some brilliant pieces and I can only guess what went whirling around from List 1 or 3. I'd love to see some. This has been such a fun and amazingly creative exchange. Thanks all!!!!


 :Wow!  That looks amazing!

That looks awesome, Gibby!  These exchanges look fun.  :D

Erica McPhee:
Gibby - your exchange is AMAZING!!!! I will cherish it always. This was such a fun exchange!

I wrote my own book in the Dr. Seuss style.


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