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Would love to see an in person class with brush lettering flourishes


Wanderful Writs:
Hey everyone!

Been asked to teach brush lettering and calligraphy for a card maker; will you think one on one courses or a small classroom will be more feasible and beneficial for someone new to the craft?

So what did you decide?
I would think either one to one or small class would work fine.
Depends on the goals of the students, of course.

Erica McPhee:
Sorry I didnít see this before @wanderfulcrafts - Either works fine for brush lettering like @tiffany.c.a  said. Brush lettering can be picked up fairly easily and if broken down into strokes is not too difficult to learn so it works well with a group.

I was confused by your subject line. Were you teaching a brush lettering flourishing class? Or you would like to take one?

Wanderful Writs:
Wrote this two years ago - missed your Reply Erica. Finally reset my login and back!

Was hoping to take a flourishing class to learn the breakdown, practice, and enhance advanced flourishing techniques and drills. Hope that clarifies!


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