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Inktober 2022 / Re: Day 8 - 2022: MATCH
« on: October 08, 2022, 06:09:00 PM »
Spent most of the day out of the house today, so tonight I'm just making myself practice on a French poem called "Three Matches".
I made myself write bigger so as to work on my letter shapes.

Three matches lit in the dark one by one
The first to see your face
The second to see your eyes
The third to see your lips
And all of obscurity to remember it all
As I hold you in my arms

@tiffany.c.a that note is so sweet and your Spencerian is very elegant!

And well done all my Inktober friends! I am so happy to be part of this :)

Inktober 2022 / Re: Day 7 - 2022: TRIP
« on: October 07, 2022, 07:01:02 PM »
I got a bit inspired by the topic today and grabbed some epic text to match it.
So, practicing with the Odyssey it is!

@Zivio well there ya go, if you tap into german you gave some mighty long words to practice with :D
@AnasaziWrites so creative!
@Erica McPhee I want to flourish like you when I grow up!

Inktober 2022 / Re: Day 6 - 2022: BOUQUET
« on: October 06, 2022, 06:12:49 PM »
One suggestion: if you are unhappy with the letters on the prompt of the day, consider doing Inktober in another language. France has its own version  (same words, but in French). Tomorrow I'm writing "Voyage" because it is so much prettier than "trip".

Inktober 2022 / Re: Day 6 - 2022: BOUQUET
« on: October 06, 2022, 05:44:58 PM »
Today I ended up obsessing over a fancy capital B in Tri Le's manual (I am slightly obsessed with Tri Le's manuals). I've never dared to do a letter this complicated before, I'm very shy around capitals. So I learned a lot from this.
- Watercolor
- Finetec. I use Finetec for practice because it is so incredibly easy. Smooth gummy lines with fabulously thin hairlines. I haven't found an ink this pleasant yet. Watercolor is my second choice, but it tends to bleed on regular paper (duh...).

@Zivio yes you are overthinking and I believe overthinking is a great hobby although it will drive the people around you slightly crazy  ;D ;D
It took me a while to understand why the Inktober dudes didn't choose the letters more logically, then I realized the prompts were initially intended for ink drawings and not letters. Someone's gotta tell them they're doing it wrong...
Good job on finding a way around that though. I love how these capitals are coming along.

@AnasaziWrites French roundhand, my fave!

@Erica McPhee so perfect!!!

Tomorrow, back to French roundhand!


Inktober 2022 / Re: Day 3 - 2022: BAT
« on: October 05, 2022, 06:58:47 PM »
Just to be complete, I’d forgotten to post this “other” capital B version on paper. Also goes to showing what practice of multiple attempts looks like for me.

Thank you for posting, I love seeing other people's practice sheets!
I'm really enjoying your Spencerian capitals unfold.

Inktober 2022 / Re: Day 5 - 2022: FLAME
« on: October 05, 2022, 06:55:30 PM »
Greetings all of you!

Here is my entry. I'm going to try to refine my flourishes in the next entries.
Generally, I enjoy going back and forth between Copperplate and French roundhand, it stops me from getting too frustrated and discouraged.

@Zivio I hope you had a nice day!
@K-2 your bird is stunning! and your copperplate complements it very well.
@AnasaziWrites I'm curious, do you do the lettering on a printed photo?

Have a nice rest of October 5th, here it's already October 6th ^^

Inktober 2022 / Re: Day 4 - 2022: SCALLOP
« on: October 04, 2022, 05:44:11 PM »
And I'm back. Although work was comically awful today and I got home late to a very possessive 11 months old tyrannosaur.
I got back to practicing French Roundhand. It's new to me and still awkward, but it is my favorite script :)

@Zivio I love the capital S, and the view of the ocean every day :)
@AnasaziWrites that is one big scallop :D


Inktober 2022 / Re: Day 3 - 2022: BAT
« on: October 03, 2022, 05:58:35 PM »
Well, I ended up tending to a sick kid tonight. It's midnight already and I can't afford to lose more sleep.
I would scribble something, but then getting a pic that fits the forum's size requirements takes a lot of time.



I guess ^^

See you tomorrow  :P

Inktober 2022 / Re: Day 2 - 2022: SCURRY
« on: October 02, 2022, 06:26:57 PM »

Well, @Lucie Y, aren’t you the brave soul?  :o I admire your valiance!  And truly lovely offerings here. 
As for my “process,” excepting the Sandserian, it is many attempts, first the new majuscules over and over, then the full word whenever one of the capitals comes out more acceptable, then I “quit when I’m ahead” or get bored and pick the “best of.”   

@K-2  Thank you, once again, for bringing the Inktober concept to us! I’m finding your encouragement about joining in was merited. Besides providing personal motivation for working on, or working out, any particular areas for improvement, I’m finding the camaraderie of fellow forum members to be an additional boost. And making doing the hard work you’d mentioned more enjoyable.  :-*

Woops @Zivio , somehow my laptop didn't show me your post (or my eyes didn't show my brain, everything is possible when I have the flu...)
In terms of process, I've been following Noa Kageyama's blog and newsletter. He is a professional violinist with a PHD in psychology and offers advice on how to optimize musical practice and performance. I probably will start a thread on this some day, because a lot of what he says applies to calligraphy practice too. And since I have an awful habit of mindlessly practicing, which can be counterproductive, I'm trying to get better :D

And you are right, I also want to thank @K-2 for "recruiting" us, it's fun and encouraging to do this together. And thank you @Erica McPhee for making it possible  :-*

Inktober 2022 / Re: Day 2 - 2022: SCURRY
« on: October 02, 2022, 02:57:43 PM »
Beautiful little mouse, @K-2 ! You work so quickly!

I use winsor and sennellier watercolors and had not heard of Kuretake.
The reason I practice with Finetec is that the consistency is lovely, it doesn't bleed, and allows for very fine hairlines. Always, the shimmer is encouraging when practicing over and over and over ^^

Ugh, good luck with the managerial side of things!

Inktober 2022 / Re: Day 2 - 2022: SCURRY
« on: October 02, 2022, 08:09:55 AM »
Here's mine!
So this is how I do it. I practice the elements of the word over and over and when I feel ready, I write it on my notepad, beneath yesterday"s prompt. So I only get one try and have to accept that whatever mistake I make will stay there.
I got a little carried away and made a mess with my Sakura gel pen (on the left)  :(.

Straight holder with Hunt22 nib.
The "ink" is some purple watercolor mixed with silver finetec.
Sakura clear stardust gel pen.

@Zivio I love those capital S's, and your Spencerian is very elegant. As for the letters in the sand, I always felt that writing a script HUGE helps you understand the proportions better, but I never took it that far as to need a drone  ;D cool idea to try to distort the letters.

@AnasaziWrites it took me a while to get this (S.Curry), and I had to use Google (shame on me!)

Inktober 2022 / Re: Day 1 - 2022
« on: September 30, 2022, 04:01:25 PM »
Here I go! My take on the first day's prompt :D
Lombard and French roundhand :)
Can't wait to see everyone's work!

Word of the Day / Re: Inktober 2022
« on: September 24, 2022, 06:30:10 PM »
I'm very curious to see your birds @K-2 !

It hadn't even crossed my mind to build simple versals without 40mn of planning. Writing them offhand opens up a bunch of possibilities.
This gives me a lot of ideas, because you see, the first word is Gargoyle, and Gargoyle = Notre Dame de Paris, and I live in Paris. I wonder if I could do a versal with something that evoques Notre Dame. Maybe I'm going to spend the whole month of October writing "Gargoyle" now haha.

Some really cool ideas you have there, thank you for your time and generosity.

I look forward to Inktober!

P.S. congratulations on being a hockey parent, lucky kids!
P.P.S.  copperplate always looks better when photographed at a slant angle O:)

Word of the Day / Re: Inktober 2022
« on: September 24, 2022, 05:21:50 PM »
Hey, @Lucie Y - A bit of encouragement and advice for your particular goals.
* And I want to preface these remarks by saying that everyone should do what makes them happy and feel good, but getting better at stuff usually involves a little unhappiness.
* Lucie, your work is already highly accomplished, and you seem to want to level up.  So as a professional and as a teacher - this is my take on how make the most of Inktober.

Inktober is a great time to make things that you don't intend to sell or give away.
Inktober is a celebration of mediocrity and mishap!  Let it be "mid" (as my teens say - one of whom has successfully struck off on his own now, @Erica McPhee - it'll happen for you too, eventually!)

A little pedantry & pedagogy ahead:

I promise that making less successful or even outright unsuccessful pieces is never a waste.  You'll always learn something from the process.  I make a living as a professional scholar, artist and calligrapher, and less than 20% of the ink or paint I put to paper ever gets to prime time.  I write 10 pages of prose to come up with 2 good ones.  I fill my notebooks with sketches and practice runs of different types of decorated capitals.  Before I start a final presentation piece, I draft full-text tests of the script to determine size and layout; and then I do complete, full-scale layouts of commissions (sometimes two or three versions).  I make monochrome ink sketches and elaborate under-drawings before doing full-sized watercolor paintings.

Medieval scribes called this type of work "foul papers" or "foul copy" - and they threw most of it away, but we know about it, because they talked a lot about what it took to prepare a "fair copy" or a "presentation copy" of a manuscript.  So -- as a calligraphers, you know, let's not think that we're better than Matthew Paris or Adam Pinkhurst or Jeanne de Montbaston, and can go straight to "fair copy" without the foul.

If you give yourself over to the raw task of putting a lot of ink on paper, you'll really grow.  Last Inktober, we had a discussion of getting out of our comfort zones (Thank you, @AnasaziWrites and @Zivio ).  I'm always telling my students that if they're not failing from time to time, they're not trying hard enough.  One of my art teachers impressed it upon me that you never get to paint a masterpiece unless you've also painted rooms and rooms full of less than masterful work (it's how you might eventually achieve that mastery).

I'm going to suggest that if you sketch out a versal every day without worrying about being able to "use" it for something - and then pair it with a text (ronde or copperplate or italic or whatever), you'll see the following happen:

1. You'll get bored with your (very beautiful and very accomplished) vine and flower designs, and you'll experiment with other types of decoration.  Some of them will look bad.  That's okay!  Some of them will surprise you with their beauty and with their potential - and they'll give you something to follow up with later.
* Remember that "ideas" sheet I posted to your thread about them?  I drew those with a gel pen and colored pencils - they don't have to be precious; it's enough to give an idea.  You don't have to give every one of the the full treatment!
* And therefore you'll end up with a larger repertoire of designs to draw from for your "presentation" pieces later.

2. You'll experiment with the relationship between the versal and the text - spacing, sizing, style, etc.  Again - some will look better than others.  Think about what makes some look better than others - you'll start to develop a theory about it.

3. You'll develop an instinct (or at least a written record) for what's going to work with regard to style/design/script.  Which will make future projects faster, easier, and more polished.  In other words, you'll get from "foul" to "fair" quicker, and the "fair" will be fairer.


My particular goals this Inktober: exploring my ink collection for art purposes; practicing my copperplate.  Usually when I paint a commission, I use watercolors because they are stable and predictable pigment-based media.  Dye-based fountain pen inks can be wild-cards.  They often have astounding properties: chromatography, duo-tones, sheen, shimmer, and chemical reactivity to bleach and to other inks.  You never know what's going to happen when you mix them with each other - sometimes they actually repel each other; sometimes they just seize up into a gel.  But they also have different layering and lifting properties, so I'll be testing those too.  I expect some ink drawings will not go well!  But at the end of the month, I'm going to know a lot more about how I can use particular inks and combinations of inks for art purposes as well as calligraphy.  And knowing which ones don't work is also important!

And you know - I hardly ever do presentation work with copperplate.  But if it were better, I'd have another option.

--yours truly, K

PS: Remember this "fail" from last Inkvent? - the ink is "Ruby Blues"; the drawing is of Ruby Bridges. It is not what I was hoping for, I still think it looks terrible, but I now know lots of things about what this ink will and won't do, which is very valuable.  I eventually got over the shame, so I'm showing it here again as an object lesson in getting over myself.

Hi K-2!
First of all, thank you for your detailed response, it will help me meditate on how I want to make the most of Inktober.

I want to clarify one thing: my reason for not doing (or doing fewer) versals this period is not only because it is a long process, but also because it is an easy process. After a few more tries following my last post, I was pretty confident with generating the shape. You see, Tri Le's manual for versals is a gem, it gives you the exact measures, and then you tweak the final letter to your liking. It is a calm and meditative process, time-consuming, but not difficult. So yes, if I want to take a lot of time to make a pretty but not difficult thing, I'd rather it go to someone as gift.

But I don't mind at all working long and hard on the difficult elements, even though they will sit forever in my practice journal (and I like them there!).

Now what I desperately want to improve on:
- for the versals: the ornamentation that goes around it. The letter shapes are easy but I am working hard on everything that goes with it. So, during Inktober, expect little vines and flowers and birdies (and gilding). I also want to perfect my color combinations.
- for the actual calligraphy: the capitals!!! I always neglect them. So the Inktober prompts are perfect for practicing random capitals. I don't want to miss out on that.

You are absolutely right about the benefits of still doing the versals to test how it articulates with script and x-height, and for this I will probably do simple sketches of versals on several prompts, and focus on making it work with the scripts.

By the way, I want you to know, I have referred back to your sketches several times as it has been greatly encouraging and inspiring to me  :)

As the mom of an adorable fireball of a toddler, I also try to make the most of every opportunity to practice, these days 1-3 hours a day (hurray for being a very late night owl, and thankfully work isn't too early in the morning). I am working hard to level up as it is my priority at the moment. Thus, I am taking all the advice I can get!

Below are little bits of what I've been working on these days, humble tidbits but they are the roadblocks to where I want to go. And they make me smile  :)

I look forward to seeing everyone's prompts!

P.S. I love that drawing of yours! But only we know for ourselves what is our good work, and what isn't :)

Word of the Day / Re: Inktober 2022
« on: September 24, 2022, 04:28:02 AM »
Darn, I've been holding back from starting Inktober early, didn't want to party poop the spirit out of Inktober. (I do not yet know the unspoken rules of this community   ;D ;D  ;D So much for that, I started practicing Gargoyle yesterday 😁
I'm thinking of ways to make the most of Inktober. My interests are to improve my Copperplate and to develop the Ronde that I just started to learn. So I will probably switch back and forth.
As for versals, I do believe I will practice them separately, because of I take the time to build one, ink it, and choose  a color palette, I am hoping to turn it into something I can give, like someone's baby name.  And "Scallop" is not a popular name in my neighborhood  ;D

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