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Creating a Flourished Frame and Brush Preset from Calligraphy

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Erica McPhee:
I am really excited to offer this new tutorial! In this video, I show how to create a flourish frame like the ones below using either the calligraphy flourishes linked in the attached PDF or your own flourishes. I then demonstrate how to turn that frame into a Photoshop brush preset to use over and over.

I hope you find this useful! Let me know how you like it!

Hi Erica,
This is really helpful information.
Thank you so much!


Jenny Muffler:
Wow, Wow, Wow,,,this is EXACTLY what I needed today!  Yesterday I  mastered the color overlay technique : ))  Used it several times for a project I was working on.   Your tutorials are super simple to follow and you're a great teachers!  I had to go back and watch certain areas several times until I figured certain parts out, but I did it : ))))  Can not wait to try this.  Perhaps I'll add something around my logo before my new branding goes live! : ))

Erica McPhee:
Thanks Roseann and Jenny!

Jenny, I'm so happy you are finding the tutorials useful! That just makes my day! I try to balance the speed so I can fit it all in and the videos aren't too long but also make it so you can pause and go back if necessary. I know it's tricky when first learning it. So happy to hear they are do-able though! :-)

And I hope you share what you create on the forum! Exciting! This is why I'm doing it all! So thank you for letting me know it was helpful! HUGS!  ;D

FrenchBlue Joy:
E, I'm finding your digital tutorials to be absolute life-savers!


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