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I have been looking for an Android calligraphy app for quite a while. Today, I downloaded the two Autodesk Sketchbook apps as well as the INKredible handwriting app.  The Sketchbook app has a broadedge tool, but the edge is not very sharp, so the thin angle is not good.  So I moved onto the INKredible app from an minor developer, not expecting much.  The basic app is free with the calligraphy tool for $0.99 extra.  Below is the image of what I could do with a fat stylus.

The fountain pen tool could work for pointed pen hands.  The downstrokes are thicker than the upstrokes, with the difference set by the "wetness" scale. I think this has possibilities!

I bought the calligraphy tool, which is a broadedge.  The angle of the edge is adjustable as is the wideness.  The thick to thin is good!

There is also a brush pen tool to buy for $0.99.  I will let someone who knows about brush pens review that.  There are also guideline papers to buy for $0.99. 

Finally, your final products can be saved as images or as .pdf.

All in all, a nice little app for a reasonable price.  I would love to see what other people can produce.

Further play-

There is a magnification tool so you can write smaller.
Also, you can export to Autodesk Sketchbook, which has more tools to work with.

I have the iOS version of this. It is fun to use, not just for calligraphy but also for sketching, note-taking, etc. On the downside, it seems to be a bit hard on my iPad's battery.


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