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Erica McPhee:
Left handed calligraphers have additional challenges that righties don't face. Hopefully this board will offer some advice and tips for our South-Paws.  :)

Thanks for starting this Erica! I for one am passionate about empowering and encouraging fellow left handers!  ;D

Wanted to post a question here:
Besides John DeCollibus, are there other well-known left handed calligraphers I can research and learn from? I thought I saw a post of another left handed calligrapher, but can't seem to find that post now.

Thanks in advance!

I am left handed although i can write exceptionally well with my right hand.  In other words i switched. Not for everyone. the reasons were non calligraphic. I do broad edged pen lettering. Leaning toward a more generous freedom when studying with European methods as opposed to the traditional British system of predefined systems for each hand.  Studied with Hermann Zapf and Emre Schwemmel almost 40 years ago.  Have no knowledge in the pointed pen world, but i do know what left handed writers need to do. Especially beginners. More especially with right handed teachers who are attempting to accommodate left handed students.  The most important factor does NOT relate to the nib. It relates to the writing line. this is the crux of the problem.

You can have 10 leftys writing in 10 different directions. So the nib becomes inconsequential until we find out where the comfort level resides. Once that has been achieved, then we can determine what kind of nib is suitable and how we intend to hold the paper.  I was involved in a lengthly discussion on this subject and it was written about. I will hunt down the article.  If i can be of help in answering any questions, please contact me here or at my email address: [email protected]

I write with my left hand as well and decided that since the pen strokes and pen positioning are all different from my normal writing, I might as well give my right hand a chance. Still working on it. I did notice when using the pin with my left hand that I can pull (vs push) the nib if I draw the letters from the bottom instead of from the top. I really don't see why this won't work except maybe for some flourishes. You have to think a little "upside down" but the outcome of the lettering is the same. I think the reason righties are taught to always start at the top and do a down stroke is so they are always pulling the nib. If I start at the bottom and stroke to the top, I am also pulling the nib. No digging into the paper. Depending on how the lefty holds the pen and positions the paper, it might not work as well.  Different strokes for different folks?

Hello Everyone!
I will say that one thing that changed everything for me as a left handed calligrapher was watching youtube videos of John DeCollibus. I usually have the paper tilted at lest 90 degrees clockwise and write perpendicular to my body. He does as well, and uses a right-handed oblique holder. Crazy right?! Well, the right handed oblique holder allows me to keep a comfortable body and arm position that I am used to and achieve angles at a more comfortable position that gives me more control and smoother hairlines. Thats my lefty tip. :)


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