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I tried something new and I think I'm in love

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Jonathan C.:
I've been absolutely loving using watercolor inks for calligraphy.  The set I'm using wasn't intended for use in calligraphy but I love it just the same.  My Finetec Arabic gold is stunning as well.  What do you guys think?  Any constructive criticism?  Thanks! 

Nib used: Leonardt Principal
Nib Holder: Speedball Oblique

I like using watercolor for ink too.  The color options are incredible as are the (I don't know the right word) saturation variation.  I also like writing on watercolor paper instead of something really smooth.

Jonathan C.:
I know exactly what you mean, it's fantastic!  Is the watercolor paper worth it?

Watercolor paper can be very expensive.  I already have some for playing with watercolor painting.  I think it is worth it.  Just buy a pad of inexpensive paper first, then buy good paper when you have the skills and a vision for a project that is worth it.  I'm still need a lot of work on the skills part.

Jonathan C.:
Thanks for the advice!


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