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Salman Khattak:
First off, I want to thank Erica for bringing together this wonderful community and for inviting me to post these lessons here. I consider it an honour and a privilege.

I have compiled these tutorials as a series of lessons on groups of letters that share some similar characteristic. The idea is to learn how to identify these similarities while practising to produce the forms. I believe that developing this understanding (the 'eye') is critical to the learning of any hand.

The style of the letters in my lessons is a combination of Copperplate and Engrosser's script with some nuances of my own. I write my Copperplate this way most of the time. However, my intention is not to present this style as an exemplar. I am merely using it to illustrate the various elements that go in this 'family' of styles. I ask that you stick to it for the lessons but rest assured you will not be 'stuck' in this way of writing. You will find that you can adopt different styles with just a little bit of practice. This is where the 'eye' comes into play.

I ask everyone to follow the structure of the lessons as they build on each other. I know some of the students might be skilled already but the process helps me to get to know you. That is important in the faceless world of digital instruction.

I would appreciate it if everyone would take some time to introduce themselves briefly in the first lesson. The better we know each other, the more useful I can be. Please feel free to send me a PM if you would rather keep some information private.

I will try my best to provide feedback as quickly as I can. There are times where work and family commitments might delay things but I will always get back to you.

Please feel free to start additional threads in this forum if you have any questions or want to discuss something not covered in the lessons.

I also welcome participation by anyone who would like to contribute to the feedback and discussions. We all benefit from each other's knowledge so please don't hold back if you have something to share.

I am looking forward to everyone's participation.

- Salman

Hi Salman,

Was waiting for this thread to start soon. Finally here it is. I would be more than happy to start again :D


Salman Khattak:
Thank you Ashok. I have just posted lesson 1. This is something you have already done but you are welcome to post again. It helps me to go back to the basics every once in a while :-)

- Salman

Erica McPhee:
Thank you so much Salman for sharing your knowledge, skill, and time with all of our members!  :)

Hello! I am Alxis John Movida from the Philippines. I've seen this thread through a group. I have been practising pointed pen for more than a year now, but I haven't really focused on strengthening my Copperplate/Engrosser's Foundations. I am trying to write my letters more carefully and slower now. Thank you for sharing these items with us.


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