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A blow to the Eastern calliworld


Like handwriting no longer being taught in Western schools, it would seem the East is afflicted with similar problems. The other wake up call is that it seems to be spreading other crafts...which is sad to hear. But such is how times change I suppose...

This is so sad.

As you eluded to I did read in the article that due to reduced numbers of enrollee's " in carpentry, watch and clock repairing, painting, and masonry have also been closed down at the institute for the same reason."

Thank you for sharing this link.

Erica McPhee:
Such a shame. In the US right now, too, it is really difficult to find quality carpenters, plumbers, welders, etc. I think it can also be attributed to when my generation was in high school, we were all pushed to go to college. Then when many of us graduated, none of us could find jobs. But people are not interested in hard work in the trades. They are very important jobs and hopefully we will start to see that turning around. We are already starting to see handwriting come back into schools.

Hopefully, the east will also see not just a need, but also the intrinsic beauty of Urdu calligraphy, and carry on the tradition. But who knows!


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