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Kuretake Fude8 ink


Daniel Mastrofski:
Just exploring the wonders of Kuretake Fude8 brush pen!
It came highly recommended by Paul Antonio for Copperplate lettering!

My question to the brush experts here is while I can order refill cartridges,
is there a problem with loading various inks into the pen? My thrifty side
is tempted to just syringe-load empty cartridges like I do with my Pilot Parallels.


Brad franklin:
I get mine from jet pens

Ajab Rajvir Jandiala:
The Fude 8 comes with two cartridges that last a pretty long time.

Daniel Mastrofski:
the cartridges are fantastic.  my question though is can the brush be filled with other inks without ruining the brush?


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