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Erica McPhee:
This is where you can share your Holi Heart Exchange.

I had so much fun with this one! Loved using all the color and doing something different.  :-* I didn't make it onto a list because of how the numbers worked out but I sent out quite a few.

I ended up putting the postcards in a clear envelope because the last time I sent something that shape, they had big track marks from the post office.

I hope others will share theirs.

I really enjoyed the exchange, and I got some beautiful envelopes.  Unfortunately, one person who I will not name kept promising an envelope "worth waiting for."  Well I am still waiting. It makes me sad.

Sally Ellington:
Here are my envelopes. That was a really fun and colorful exchange.

@Erica McPhee  @Sally Ellington ladies, these are STUNNING. Oh. My. Word. The colors! The flowers. All of it is gorgeous! Amazing work!

Sally Ellington:
Thank you, Christen!


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