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Under the Maine Pines


Erica McPhee:
We had a wonderful trip to our beloved Maine recently! We stayed at a VRBO instead of our family's place as there are so many of us now. It was a fabulous house although we were convinced we had a friendly ghost. When I asked the host, China, about it, this is what she replied. I loved it! I didn't have many supplies with me and the Maine air was so humid, calligraphy was difficult. But I left the original for her. This is a photo of the watercolor with procreate calligraphy over it. It certainly did reassure us!

Click the image to see it enlarged.

That is sooo dreamy, Erica!  And what a lovely gift you left for your host. 

Erica McPhee:
 Thank you @Zivio !   :-*


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