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Halloween/Day of the Dead 2022 Exchange


Aries M:
Man oh man, this is always a fun exchange! Im already thinking about next years!  Ive already messaged you all but who doesn't love a little extra glory!  ;D

@KarenW15 Your drawings are fantastic and compliment your neat and clean calligraphy! Zero has a spot on my wall all year long!

@passionforwriting Your note made my day! I have been envious of your hand since our first exchange, and I will definitely be borrowing how you made the candies on your card. Such a fun idea!

@Starlee I signed up for the gentle penman class with Michael Sull to learn spencerian after getting your envelope. I will likely never attain the light touch for Spencerian that you have, but you displayed its elegance so nicely that I had to try!

@TeresaS Yours was the first to arrive and Ive gotten to enjou it all month (and will continue to!). These pumpkins have definitely helped crack a smile on more than one occasion. The beautiful copperplate quote on the back complimemts it perfectly. The only downside is, Im greedy and cant have the pumpkins AND the calligraphy displayed at the same time  ;)

Life has been crazy, and busy and sometimes rough. I just wanted you all to know how much I appreciate the time and effort you pour into your craft to make beautiful,spooky, and kooky things to send out to others :p

Aries M:
My own contributions. They weren't going to have hand prints, but there was a smudge with red ink, we wont discuss that. Just call it making lemons out of lemonade. 😂😂 The googgly eye in the wax seal moved on most of them. Theres a video on instgram of it.  :D

Thank you so much for your kind words Aries! I'm so glad you liked it. I've been meaning to write you to tell you how stunningly gorgeous your envelope and card were! I literally gasped at the mailbox, just beautiful and such perfect penmanship!! Thanks again. These exchanges are the best!!

Ah thank you Aries! Always a happy day when others enjoy your work. Now that I have seen yours, I am all the more anxious to receive it!


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