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Secret Santa 2022


Aries M:
My secret santa blew me away! My apologies for not getting this up sooner (mine showed up at the beginning of the month and was all 4 weeks included).

Thank you to my secret santa. This was so cool and Ive been showing off what I think is a porcupine quill thats been turned into a pen staff.

It came with another ergonmic style pen and a "plain" quill. There was also a tubular metal nib holder with quite a few Sprotts No1 nibs inside. (I dont know anything about these and Im super excited to trt them out!!)

This all came inside a flap box for lack of a better term. That has a try on top and two drawers.

Last and certainly not least- was the card and calligraphy- wow!

Address in broad edge and the specerian message inside (as if I needed any more reason to jump on the spencerian train!!!). It is stunning and Ive had them both hanging in the living room all month!!

Thank you again for all the goodies, time and effort that you put into this exchange. I had a blast opening it and  It will be well loved and cherished!


Aries M:
Some more pictures

Aries M:
And a couple more

Aries M:
Box open

Erica McPhee:
 WOW! How wonderful! LOVE this! :-*


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