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Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose

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Erica McPhee:
This was for friends of ours that moved to Texas. I had it printed on a piece of metal. Forgot to take a picture of the final. They are big “Friday Night Lights” fans (American TV show) and the quote is from that show. They lived in NJ before TN. I hope to do one for our family that includes Maine, FL, and TN.

Outside of Spencerian, which I am studying, and some Copperplate and French Roundhand which I've seen on the forum, I am not conversant with many other styles of calligraphy or scripts. What is the term used for this style of writing/calligraphy?

Erica McPhee:
@Zivio This is a modern brush script.  ;D

Scarlet Blue:
I love your ‘r’ in this script, Erica! And the rest of it - but especially the r!

Erica McPhee:
Thanks @Scarlet Blue ! Good to see you here again!  :-*


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