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Hello! Does anyone have any thoughts about why the standard lowercase Spencerian letters o, b, v, w have an exiting stroke of 1/2 space?

When connecting it to another letter, you'd make it at least one space apart. So why not learn it with a one-space width?

These are the things that I wonder about when I'm learning and studying Spencerian 🤔

I didn't see any posts about this but if it's already been discussed, please let me know!

Erica McPhee:
This is a really good question. Spacing is something you donít often see much about - even in the old texts. I believe I have something in my saved stash somewhere. I will look for it.  :)

Spacing doesn't fit into neat measurements - with any style of writing.
The exemplars give a general idea - that works for the letters that conform -
but joining the non-conforming letters hinges on what letter comes next.
oo is probably different from on

Spacing skill evolves. It doesn't follow a recipe - it's a trust-your-eye (after training your eye) skill.

I just happen to have "Lessons in Ornamental Penmanship, " 1920, by C. P. Zaner on my desk. Here are his thoughts.

And this from Payson, Dunton, & Scribner's "Manual of Penmanship," 1872. As you see, opinions vary.
Jean Wilson's advice is good.


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