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Foundations of Calligraphy by Shiela Waters

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Erica McPhee:
@Chessie Absolutely brilliant advice! I completely agree with the pedantic essence. Your advice is spot on.

@Zivio - I LOVE this “triangulate” method. Fabulous advice! And I have also experienced that jolt experience when learning and it is just the best because that pause is the best kind of moments. The philosopher and eternal student in me LOVES this.  :)

@Zivio and @Chessie
Good points to keep in mind.

This was the first book that makes me feel 'seen' and resonates with me as someone only interested broad edge dip pen (currently only working on uncial for the next few months at least).
Are there any other books that are well regarded for broad edge?


--- Quote from: Chessie on June 05, 2023, 11:55:16 AM ---Oh - regarding Sheila's bit on spacing - this is FRUUUSTRATING.  While she's extremely right about the importance of spacing, the rules she adds for it are fussy and very precise.  I found them discouragingly complex.  To that end, I wouldn't even worry about spacing as a concept until you've got at least one hand worth of miniscules and majiscules to the point you don't need an exemplar to pen them consistently.

--- End quote ---

After 6 months still working on improving uncial with daily (or every other day) practice, I have come back to being hyper focused on spacing these last few days. I came back to the part in Ch. 3 on spacing being based on optical beginning (OB) and optical end (OE). I have gone over this section several times before (~10ish?), but I am at a place where I can finally appreciate it and pay attention to what it means instead of getting lost in all those details. It seems persistence has paid off here. Interestingly, when I look at my work where I have done spacing exercises with a word, it is the 1/2 line height OE-OB letter spacing that looks ideal. I enjoyed the exercise of doing the OB and OE for an exemplar. (Some OB and OE can probably be improved).

Erica McPhee:
Excellent. Your hard work and persistence is paying off. I am inspired by your dedication.  :)


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