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Very nice to see your solid progress.

Acknowledging an 18th century Master Calligrapher
He would be proud of your work, @Ken.
Regards the W, do you draw it in color first , then outline it, or draw the outline and then fill it in?

Tools & Supplies / Re: Diamine Inkvent 2022
« on: December 13, 2022, 05:23:52 PM »
Upon a Star

day 13

Very interesting "chameleon" ink. A lot going on here. Goes on blue-black, bleeds out to various shades of blue. Pretty good with pointed pen, but again, has to be shaken frequently. Dries in all sorts of colors. This should be fun to draw with.

Tools & Supplies / Re: Diamine Inkvent 2022
« on: December 12, 2022, 12:25:59 PM »
Memory Lane

Day 12

A shimmer ink, lavender I would say, bleeding to rose and light blue. I could see somebody's grandmother wearing a shawl of this color. Needs to be shaken frequently to have the shimmer bits show. Writing this the first time, I bobbled the second letter, so immediately began again (without shaking the bottle and redipping) and ended up with limited shimmer in the first two letters. Beginning the third letter, I was interrupted by a phone call I had to take, and, upon returning to the lettering, shook up the ink and proceeded. Result--much more shimmer in the rest of the third letter (m) and the following three. Redipped the pen to start the capital "L" without shaking the ink, and that resulted in much less shimmer. In just a few seconds, the much of the shimmer had precipitated out. Probably a little gum arabic would slow the settling out of the shimmer, but otherwise, a lot of shaking necessary when using a pointed dip pen.

Tools & Supplies / Re: Diamine Inkvent 2022
« on: December 12, 2022, 12:09:54 PM »

Day 11

A standard ink, nice fresh, spring green, bleeding to yellow and light blue. Okay for pointed pen if the shades are not large. Interestingly, the thins appear more yellow than the thicks. Reminds me of spring grass or green apples. I like the color. No time for drawings right now, maybe next week.

Tools & Supplies / Re: Diamine Inkvent 2022
« on: December 10, 2022, 05:53:21 PM »
Dusted Truffle

Shimmer ink. Works okay right from the bottle with pointed pen. Needs to be shaken frequently, or no shimmer.
Rather boring color for me, but I'm sure @K-2 will do something fabulous with it.
Reminds me, though, of a trip we took in 2014 to the Bordeaux region of France where we visited a truffle farm. A great dog hunted and found the truffles, and we had a 5 course meal, with each course containing truffles. Very tasty.

Tools & Supplies / Re: Diamine Inkvent 2022
« on: December 09, 2022, 05:16:26 PM »

Love this shade of red, bleeds into more orange. Standard ink--nothing fancy but a beautiful color. Okay with pointed pen if you keep the shades modest. Probably gum arabic would help here.

From our driveway:

Tools & Supplies / Re: Diamine Inkvent 2022
« on: December 08, 2022, 05:18:19 PM »
Jingle Berry

A standard ink, Magenta bleeding out to light magenta/rose. Not my favorite color, though might be used in a sunset painting or flowers. Okay right out of the bottle for pointed pen if the shades aren't large. Similar in color to McCaffery's Red-Violet, which I prefer to write with over this ink--finer thins.

Tools & Supplies / Re: Diamine Inkvent 2022
« on: December 08, 2022, 09:35:00 AM »

Lots of shimmer in this green, which may bleed out into green-blue and a hint of yellow. Would be good for addressing Christmas envelopes, which will take most of my time the next several days. Needs some gum arabic to use with pointed pen. Nice. No time for drawing today.

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« on: December 07, 2022, 10:05:32 AM »
@AnasaziWrites - That's a great chameleon drawing! (and you know - it took me a long time to learn how to draw things; keep drawing and build confidence).

You are most kind in your appraisal of my amateur attempts to draw. Thank you. By the time I figured out how to bring out the green in this ink, it was mostly done, and the red predominates. Oh well. A learning experience.
  I see you used some bleach on your Ghost drawing!  great effect!

Ya, I thought I'd give it a try. I wrote the word "ghost" in Kurrent first, and was unimpressed--looked like a simple grey ink, but usable with pointed pen. In doing the drawing, I, too, discovered it is much more interesting. Very nice twilight   
colors. Thought I'd give the bleach thing a try. You mentioned experimenting with different concentrations--I see why. At full strength--total bleach out. At 1/4th, left a little blue, which was nice. Luckily, we have that splash control clorox--it's greater viscosity seems to make it easier to control.

Your ghost ship is masterful, @K-2. Suitable for framing, and my favorite of yours this inkvent season.
Do treat us to more extraordinary work.
@Aries M - I really admire your copperplate, with the sharp, square finish to the p's and that stunning capital S!  You might see that red sheen on "Spruce" from a fountain pen, if you use Tomoe River paper or a heavier watercolor paper.

6. Ghost (standard) - This may seem like it's going to be a modest light grey ink without any fancy shimmer or sheen, that might even been a little watery... Put all that aside, it's got subtle chromatography, bleeding out cool pale blue and warm taupe, with a great reaction to bleach. It did well for calligraphy too! even the hairlines on the pointed pen script! and such enormous potential for a drawing ink! 

In my Fliegender Holländer drawing, to give the impression of the ghostly sails, I capitalized on that reaction with bleach that AnasaziWrites showed us.  What a fun ink to splash around!

Tools & Supplies / Re: Diamine Inkvent 2022
« on: December 06, 2022, 05:27:39 PM »

Tools & Supplies / Re: Diamine Inkvent 2022
« on: December 06, 2022, 02:51:18 PM »
Outstanding Spiced Apple.

I think I've figured out a bit of the spruce ink, and will post an edit soon as well as another chameleon for educational purposes.

Tools & Supplies / Re: Diamine Inkvent 2022
« on: December 05, 2022, 08:55:46 PM »
Spiced Apple

One of the new "chameleon" inks. Really interesting abundance of colors. Writes pretty well right out of the bottle with pointed pen.

Edit to add a second image--I should leave the drawing to @K-2  .

Tools & Supplies / Re: Diamine Inkvent 2022
« on: December 05, 2022, 02:44:36 PM »

Tried about 6 different papers with this ink, sealed and unsealed, and the TomoeRiver 68gm was the best. All the others bled, more or less. Please excuse the crudeness of this writing, as the ink was running off the nib like a gushing firehose. Don't have time just now to experiment with gum arabic, which should allow for better thins. Like the color and was surprised at the red sheen.

Edit to add a second image.
The key to using this ink with a pointed pen seems to be shaking it up vigorously just before writing,which seems to increase the viscosity enough to lessen the tendency to blurb out, particularly in making shades. Works pretty good monoline, if shaken, and pretty good with shaded script, as long as the shades aren't too large. I tried adding a bunch of gum arabic--18 drops per 3 ml--and it still blurbed if not shaken. Second image on untreated bristol smooth after shaking.

Tools & Supplies / Re: Diamine Inkvent 2022
« on: December 05, 2022, 02:38:12 PM »

@AnasaziWrites - that creepy Yul log image is going to haunt me.  And the ghost of my mother (who was Yul's biggest fan) will shortly be rising from the dead to haunt you for that image.

Glad you liked it. I'm a big Yul fan too. I'll be on the lookout for the ghost of your mother.

  Fantastic show of "Solar Storm"

That may be my favorite inkvent image I've done. As you probably surmised, it is of a single drop of ink on wetted watercolor paper, I photoed close up, and changed the background to match the ink color surrounding the center. Looks like a solar storm to me. This was the best of nine tries.

4. Spruce (scented) - a heavily saturated forrest green ink, leaning to the blue side of the spectrum.  You can see that in the fabulous chromatography, bleeding out vivid cyan and robin's egg blues.  A turgid reaction to bleach, and a touch of red sheen in areas of heavy concentration.  And.... scent...!  It smells like... wintergreen gum.  This is not a strong entry into the scented ink category.  Herbin does some fantastic scented inks with sophisticated fragrances that have a top note, a clear accord, and a lasting dry down that continues to effuse from the page for quite a while afterward.  They also are well-behaved writing inks.  "Spruce" is neither a good scent nor a good ink for writing.  It bled! on Col-O-Ring paper! which is really terrific paper specifically engineered to handle ink!

The unexpected sheen also makes it challenging for drawing.  It's very hard to control with a brush, and generally difficult to blend.  I rarely meet a Diamine ink that I don't like, but this one's a disappointment.
I liked the drawing. Great color for the subject. Well done. I had trouble writing with this ink as well.

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