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Thanks for this, Erica. No wonder my digitized calligraphy had rugged edges, I saved them as JPGs. What format do you normally scan / save them though?

Erica McPhee:
Hi Katia,
When I scan them in, they are a BMP file. However, once I start working on the file, I always save it as a PSD file. This way you don't lose any quality when making changes. Once the final is complete, however, I do save it as JPG. If you look at the Christmas work I uploaded, that is a 600 dpi scan saved a PSD (Photoshop), then reduced to 300 dpi and saved as a JPG. No jagged edges.

What dpi are you scanning at?

Thanks, I'll try that way. I'm usually scanning minimum at 300dpi, and try between colored scan or black and white. I lose a lot though on black and white scan.

Erica McPhee:
I find that as well so I always scan as color and then do the threshold adjustment. That is what the threshold does - it forces the design to either black or white. 

Wow, this is incredible!  As has been said, thank you for going above and beyond!


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